Families reunited.

After a fabulous three days at Ilam Hall our year 4 children have been reunited with their families. It was lovely watch to the excitement and hugs given. Thank you to everyone who has followed our residential blog and for supporting the staff. Here are a few of our favourite pictures.

Reading Champions – Hilary Ford Award

Here are our Reading champion winners for this term, congratulations everyone we are so proud of you all. Please keep reading and we hope you enjoy spending your book token. Please enjoy more stories over the Christmas holiday and we can’t wait to continue enjoy spreading the love of reading.    

P4C – Pip’s Adventure

Today during P4C, Y3/4P discussed hard work and achieving our goals. We discussed about what we need to show to succeed and how we can overcome our barriers. We related our discussion to Pips Adventure.The question the children wanted to ask Pip was ‘How did he feel when he helped the old woman?’.


Y3/4P have given and follwed oral instructions on how to make sandwiches. The children work well in groups and used time conjunctions and adverbs really well.

Y3/4P Literacy – Clive King research

Today in literacy we have started our research on Clive King, the author of Stig of the Dump. Children worked really well in groups and found some interesting information for their Non-Chronological report.

Talk4Write – Narrative

Y3/4P have been brilliant over the last 3 weeks and have tried really hard on their narrative. These children have produce a wonderful piece of writing and deserve a special mention for their hard work and resilience.

Getting Creative in Y3/4P

In Mr Pursehouse’s class this term the children are learning all about recycling and they have been collecting plastic bottles to make sculptures. They have also been using a range of materials to make a collage. Well done everyone.

Numeracy – Multiplication

Today in Numeracy, the children did some multiplication learning in a carousel structure. Children completed some timestable rockstars, rehearse multiplcations, worded problems, column method and multiplication top trumps.

Music- Mamma Mia

Y3/4P started to learn how to play Abba- Mamma Mia today on the trumpets. Children were real Super Troupers today and are progressing nicely with their instruments. Thank you for the music Mr Ward and I can see the Money Money Money with our future musicians.

P4C – Veni,Vidi and Vici

Y3/4P had some lovely discussions this afternoon during our P4C session. We watched the video Veni, Vidi and Vici and discussed the journey of a young roman soldier. The children came up with some fantastic questions and they wanted to know – Why did the other soldiers bully the little soldier?

French Greetings

Children were learning how to introduce each other in French today. We did a lot of speaking and listening activities, sang a few songs and produced a lovely piece of learning for our topic folders. Well done everyone.

Class Challenge is underway!

Which class will win our class challenge this year and be the first to get their name on our new trophy? Today Y3M took on the challenge against Y3/4P to compete in a cross country competition ready for our first tournament. All the children worked really hard to build their stamina and show their fitness […]