P4C in Y6B

Today 6B have had some interesting discussions around Covid 19 and have organised statements on the agree-disagree line. We have had to agreed disagreeably with each and used various talk techniques to get our points of view heard, such as thumbs in, palms up and talk token.

Winter Week

This week we have had a week looking at aspects of Winter. We have completed some art learning linked to the season Winter. We have also had a science morning where we looked at the impact salt has on ice and the freezing point depression. Children loved the morning as seen by some of the […]

6H Fitness

As part of PE, 6H are planning and carrying out circuit fitness sessions. The children are building their fitness and encouraging each other whilst doing them. Even Mr Hanson likes to show off his press ups!

6H P4C

6H had some excellent discussions in P4C about it being ok not to alway agree with each other but to always respect opinions. We used lockdown experiences as a chance to discuss opinions, feelings and emotions.

Y6H Fitness Challenge

PE – Keeping Active  Y6H have been keeping fit this week through circuit Training. The children had to take part in a series of fitness challenges, press ups, plank, squats and a whole host of physical activities in order to test how fit the children were. They have really enjoyed the session and I know […]

Science Special Mentions

Today we had a wonderful special mentions assembly with a focus on the wonderful science learning produced by our child’s. And parents during the half term holiday in preparation for our Science Fair. We are so proud of all of our learners this week. Well done.

Rockingham Celebrates Diwali with @balbirdance

We are really excited about celebrating Diwali through dance with Balbir Singh. Tomorrow we have our workshops with each year group bubble to celebrate the festival of light. We wanted to share with you this beautiful creative task of making your own Diwali Lamp with your children at home.

6H Colours of light

6H this week have looked at the colours which make up white light. Using prisms, we created rainbows and looked at the different coloured light. We then recorded this by creating our own videos.

A balance argument Y4/5D

Today Y4/5D have carried out a debate about if animals should go to space. The children had a range of discussion points and carefully thought about their use of openers and conjunctions. We used our P4C skills and scientific knowledge to support our discussion.

Y3/4P- Publishing our narrative

This week in Literacy, we are publishing our narrative which we started before isolation. We have made a fantastic start and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Y3/4P Talking Counters

This week in Guided Reading we are focusing on our Oracy skills and we are using Talking Counters to help share out our discussions within the group.