Y5/6H Home Learning

This week we have seen some fabulous learning in 5/6H. We have also had entries to the photo competition and lots of people learning how to cook. I am so pleased to see lots of new skills taking place. Keep it up!

Year 5 Maths Residential

Last week, some very lucky year 5 mathematicians got to go to Crowden to do different activities which linked to problem solving in maths. I was amazed at the reasoning and problem solving skills of our children. Everyone was really brave doing the crate stacking and zip wiring. It was also great to see the […]

Spelling Challenge

Today we wrote our spellings in chalk on the playground, we used different sized lettering and styles. It was a beautiful day and a great way to learn our spellings. Why not give it a try.

Y5/6 CSI Dig for Victory!

What an incredible morning we have had in Y5/6. Today I have been a suspect in a crime, stealing vegetables from 6B. I have had my shoes checked, finger prints, handwriting and had my measurements taken. Our children were incredible in solving the crime and gathering evidence. Look carefully at the evidence they gathered and […]

Planting trees

Huge thank you to everyone involved for helping us with our NEMESIS project. @treesforcities @RMBCpress The children planted Willow Trees all along the front of the row. We are hoping to get a plague which shows that Willowtree academy pupils have planted the trees.   

NEMESIS Tree Planting – Making a difference to our community and environment.

Our Y3 children have been down to Fenton Road today with our parents and Councillor Elliott to plant trees and improve our community and environment. The children have really been thinking about creating a vision for a better world, having resilience and working with others in our community to enable them to build positive relationships. […]

5/6H Talk for Writing

As part of our learning on procedural writing for air raids, the children did a talk for write for how to survive in an air raid at home.

Science Assembly with Wingfield Academy!

Today Wingfield Academy came into school to deliver science assemblies to our different key stages, the children were so excited to discover the types of investigations you can do. Thank you so much for supporting us during science week you really have inspired our children. https://twitter.com/wingfieldsci?lang=en  

Sports Hall Athletics Training Y1

Our oldest children were training our Year 1 children in the skills needed for Sports Hall Athletics. The children were exceptional and showed some incredible talent in a variety of activities. Our Year 6 children recorded their data and analysed their scores. Well done everyone.  

Bradford Media Museum

Today, Y4/5D and Y5P have had lots of fun learning about film and animation at Bradford Media Museum. We looked at lots of examples of early animations and photography. We also looked at gaming devices over time and leant about how animation is used to create games.

Families reunited.

After a fabulous three days at Ilam Hall our year 4 children have been reunited with their families. It was lovely watch to the excitement and hugs given. Thank you to everyone who has followed our residential blog and for supporting the staff. Here are a few of our favourite pictures.