Y3/4P Literacy Drama

This we week we have focused on our story telling and started to act out our drama role play. The children loved the centre stage.

Y3/4P Scientific Research

Y3/4P researched what Vertebrate and Invertebrate means and what animals would be classified as Vertebrate or Invertebrate. Next lesson, we are going to look at other classifications and how we can group living things.

6H Artwork

Here are some of our completed barbed wire artwork images. Everyone has produced an excellent final sketch and have worked hard on their shading skills. There is some great detail in some of the hands and finger images.

5P Solar System Science

5P have had a fantastic couple of weeks with their learning linked to space. Last week they researched an area of space with a partner and then contributed to a document together. This week they then went in front the camera and presented their learning on the green screen.

6H Hockey

This week we have started doing Hockey skills. Firstly we have focused on dribbling and simple tackling skills. Looking forward to passing and shooting skills in the next couple of weeks!

6H Barbed Wire Art

Taking inspiration from World War 1 battlefields, we used sketching skills to produce images of barbed wire. We will add images to these in future art lessons. The children experimented with tone and shading really well.

Welcome to the army. Recruitment speeches in 6B

Welcome to the army. Recruitment speeches in 6B Today we have started a new genre of writing, persuasive speeches. In WW1 young men were persuaded to join the army by recruitment officers. In our first session we looked at our model text and thought about how we could command an audience using our voices and […]

Circuit Training in 3/4P – Mrs Smith you are our staff star of the week!

Today Mr Purshouse and his children took part in Circuit training, the children were active throughout and learning a range of new skills. Today Mrs Smith has received our staff star of the week for her commitment to Physical Education and supporting our children along the way. She was modelling to the children how to […]

Y5P Outdoor Ordering

Ordering Numbers This morning we went outside for our maths learning. We initially started with an active maths challenge liked to times tables before our ordering activity.   We had lots of different challenges and we could only move onto the following challenge if we had correctly ordered the cones correctly.      

6H Chicken duty

This week the children in 6H are in charge of looking after the chickens. They are taking the responsibility really importantly and making sure they are fed and have their water topped up.

There’s no ‘Huge Bag of Worries’ in 6B

Today, 6B started our first P4C session of the school year, surrounding the story ‘A Huge Bag of Worries’. We posed the big question as a class of ‘What is worry?’ And tried to explain it. We then planned and started to make our own worry creatures; each personal to each and every one of […]