Nemesis in F2

Our F2 children have already grown their magic beans into beanstalks. Now we are challenging them to see if they can grow some delicious lettuce!   We filled the pots with compost, put in 4 lettuce seeds and covered with a little more compost. We are hoping to see some growing lettuce leaves within the […]

Our little Butterflies in REY

Today our EYFS children made some beautiful butterfly wings and were busy fluttering around the outdoor area. They explored patterns and symmetry and used a range of materials to create their design. Mrs Greenwood was so excited to come and see them and Mrs Fearnley enjoyed them on FaceTime. The power of technology is wonderful […]

Summer Term – Let the Learning Commence

Here is our learning journey this term for your children from REY-Y6, we hope it helps you support your child through their learning. The teachers have worked extremely hard to plan exciting, engaging and practical activities. Good Luck everyone through social distancing we will continue to be the best that we can be and remember […]

F2 – NEMESIS let’s get things growing!

Our F2 staff have been planning some exciting growing opportunities while Socially Isolating, packs area ready to be collected from Greasbrough whilst on your daily walk. The children are really excited to have their own allotment in school and this will be good preparation to practice our skills. Are you already growing things in your […]

Home Learning in F2W

We have had some fantastic home learning in F2W the past two weeks to fit with our Alien and Space theme! We have had such a range of learning including rockets, chocolate cakes, rainbows and Easter bonnets!