Foundation One Sports Day

  Thank you to everyone who participated in and came to watch our sports day. The children had a fantastic time trying out lots of activities with the help of pupils from Year 5 and 6. Please follow and like us:

Pizza for Pirates !

Foundation One children have enjoyed reading ‘Pizza for Pirates’ by Adam Guillain and Charlotte Guillain. We made our own pizzas, choosing our own toppings. Delicious!! Please follow and like us:

Four little ducks went swimming one day !

Foundation One children have been so excited to welcome four new additions to the class. Four ducklings named Kevin (after our fantastic caretaker) Treasure, Sparkle and George have hatched in our incubator and delighted the children and parents.     Please follow and like us:

Family Learning in Foundation 2

A huge thank you to our amazing parents who came in to work with their children during our minibeast family learning events. Mr Purshouse is already putting a plan together ready for some more exciting opportunities next year. Thank you to Trish Sharp and the team from the CLC for all your support this year […]

Diversity Week in FS1, It’s good to be different!

In Foundation One we have been thinking about lots of ways in which we are different. We have talked about our different families and found out that we all have different homes. We have talked about how our bodies are very similar in some ways but very different in others. We enjoyed dressing up for […]

Foundation 2 Curriculum Letter

Here are the fabulous learning opportunities your children will experience this term, we hope you enjoy supporting your child with home learning. EYFS summer term curriculum letter 2019 Please follow and like us:

Foundation 1 Curriculum letter.

Here is our Foundation 1 Curriculum letter, these are all the areas the children will be covering this term and allow you to support your child at home. Please speak to Mrs Lilleyman if you would like any more support. EYFS A1&2 curriculum letter 2019Summer Please follow and like us:

A Watery Week in Foundation One

In Foundation One we have enjoyed exploring boats and water as part of our learning about the coastguard. We have explored materials and sorted objects that float and sink. We have created boat shapes using foil and counted passengers into our rescue boats. We have made simple sailing boats and had a fantastic time racing […]

Floating and Sinking FS2

This week we have been exploring the science concept of floating and sinking. We investigated and sorted objects and developed our vocabulary to talk about our observations and make predictions.  Please follow and like us:

Fractions in FS2

This week we have explored fractions in numeracy. We started off by practising sharing into equal groups. We then progressed to halving objects and investigating which numbers can and can’t be halved equally.  Please follow and like us:

We’re going on a Bear Hunt in FS1

          Children in Foundation One enjoyed a bear hunt in the school grounds. We waded through swishy-swashy grass, thick oozy mud, a big dark forest and a narrow gloomy cave. We were delighted to find a gift of honey sandwiches from the bear and took them back to the classroom to […]

Investigating Materials FS2

The children have taken part in a STEM activity focusing on materials and their properties. They built houses for the three little pigs and then tested them to see which was the strongest. The children were brilliant at using their creative and teamwork skills.  Please follow and like us:

Chinese New Year FS2

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year celebrations. The children took part in a workshop in which they decorated plates and learnt a dragon dance. We have made buns linked with the year of the pig,  tasteed a range of Chinese food and painted our initials in mandarin.   Please follow and […]

Chinese New Year

This week we were very fortunate to have a Chinese Workshop, the children learnt about Chinese culture and celebrations and worked with professional dancers who brought a Chinese dragon, parasols and fans for the whole class to create an exciting dance performance. They also took part in a Chinese New Year plate painting workshop in […]