Pancake day at REY

REY children really enjoyed eating yummy pancakes! The children choose their own favourite toppings! Please follow and like us:

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Over the last two weeks our book of the week has been ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. Children have really enjoyed the story- we even went on our very own Bear Hunt and saw a bear hiding in the cave! Linking to the story the children have been making bear toast- showing lots of […]

The Three Little Pigs STEM activity

REY children worked together to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. Children really enjoyed this activity and they used language such as “tall”, “strong”, “big”. We used marshmallows, sticks and sellotape to build the house for the pigs. However, the house wasn’t strong enough and the big bad wolf blew it down! We […]

The Three Little Pigs

  REY children are really enjoying this weeks Book of the week- ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Children have shown a real interest in the story book – repeating words and phrases and also filling in the missing words e.g. “Ill huff and i’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We have also linked the […]

Special Times with our families

This week children have been looking at pictures of themselves and peers during the holidays. Children have really enjoyed telling Harlow our class Bear what they have been doing over the holidays and who they have spent their time with! Our children have been sitting brilliantly for group activities and sharing Harlow around the circle […]

Making salt dough Christmas ornaments

Children had so much fun making their very own Christmas tree ornaments to take home! We made salt dough using flour, salt and water. We then selected a cutter of our choice to cut out the salt dough. The salt dough then went into the oven to bake for 30 minutes! We then decorated our […]

Zoo Lab!

Our children really enjoyed the Zoo Lab today! We saw lots of different creatures and we even got to stroke them! Our children were really brave stroking the slimy snake! Please follow and like us:

Percy the Park Keeper’s Hut

This week our children have really enjoyed exploring Percy’s Hut and making food for the animals! Children have shown a real interest in ‘Percy The Park Keeper- One snowy night’ story book and have enjoyed daily focused activities based on the story! We have also been looking at ice and how ice melts! Please follow […]

Diwali spot tray & firework pictures

Children have really enjoyed exploring the large spot tray, identifying simple shapes and making their own patterns in the glitter! Children have also been busy using card board tubes to make beautiful fire work pictures! Children explored the different coloured marks they made on their pictures. Please follow and like us:

Stay & Play

Thi This week we invited our parents to Stay & Play! Linking to this term’s topic ‘Mini Beasts’ our children made lady bird biscuits and really enjoyed this activity, showing lots of independence! We also carved pumpkins and enjoyed looking and feeling the texture of the inside of a pumpkin. Please follow and like us:

Spider activity

This week our children have enjoyed using the pegs to give Sally the spider some legs to support their fine motor skills. Children have then been counting the amount of legs they have given Sally. Please follow and like us: