Y5/6H Maths learning

This week after doing lots of calculation work we challenged ourselves to solve reasoning problems. We carried out the MathsMash with excellent resilience using whiteboards and equipment to solve before writing solutions onto our cards. Well done everyone for using good discussion skills. Please follow and like us:

Fire safety

Today we had a fire safety talk from South Yorkshire fire service  the children learned alot about keeping safe and really enjoyed practicing the STOP, DROP , and ROLL technique .  Please follow and like us:

French Greetings

Children were learning how to introduce each other in French today. We did a lot of speaking and listening activities, sang a few songs and produced a lovely piece of learning for our topic folders. Well done everyone. Please follow and like us:

Birdhouse research.

For our D.T project we went outside to research the ideal place to put a birdhouse, what materials are best to make one and what features it needed. We also discovered much more in our pond area. Please follow and like us:

T4W in 6B

Children used a description of Kensuke from the text and created Talk for Writing story maps and actions. Please follow and like us:

Immersive Reading in Y4/5D

In guided reading this week, the children are using the character masks to act out their own scenes from the Tempest. The children have focused on script writing and getting into character.  Please follow and like us:

Mr Hanson V Mrs Buttree

Today’s class challenge at lunchtime got off to a flying start with Y6B challenging Y5/6H the children were off to a flying start until Mrs Tunks and Mr Hanson decided to play. The competition was excellent between both sides. Josh Oldham Roberts was today’s man of the match, we are so proud of him with […]

Cross Country

Congratulations to all our children who took part in Yesterday’s cross country tournament. Well done to Alex and Tyler who came in the top three, we are really proud of everyone. All children showed great resilience and all managed to cross the finish line without stopping. Well done! Please follow and like us:

Science in Y4/5D

Today in science, the children carried out an experiment related to saturation points. The children predicted how many tea spoons of salt and sugar it will take before the water became saturated. Please follow and like us:

Launch of the Internet Cafe

Today Enterprise club have started to open the Internet Cafe are which we have developed over summer. The children will be selling toast and smoothies at break times, we will also be looking at other healthy snacks such as raisins and fruit. On the playground lots of children had healthy snacks and beaming smiles before […]

New friends in F2W

Children in FS2 have been excited to welcome four new fish friends to their classroom. We have created a lovely environment in the tank thanks to support from very generous parents, and the children love to take a quiet moment to observe Harry, Sunshine, Floss and Ginger in their tank. Please follow and like us:

Creative storytelling in FS2

Children in FS2 have been developing their storytelling skills using the ‘Helicopter Stories’ approach. We are learning to create our own stories collaboratively and act them out as a class. We have already created a story about Spiderman on an aeroplane and a second story about ‘Super Betsy’ going to the park with her friends. […]

Exploring using our senses in F2L

As part of learning about our ‘super selves’ children in FS2 have been learning about their senses. We have explored various sights and sounds and experimented with smelling and tasting different fruit and vegetables. We learned that we use our sense of smell and our tongue to taste foods and that each food has its […]

Y5/6H school council election

Well done to all the children in 5/6H for wanting to take on the responsibility of being a school councillor. We had some great manifestos and it was a really hard choice to select people. Congratulations to our winners and we hope you help to make good decisions! Please follow and like us:

Science fun!

This week we have been learning all about things which are alive, dead and never been alive. What better way to learn than visiting our pond area to see the wildlife. We saw lots of insects and even frogs! It was very exciting. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Science

This afternoon Y5/6H went outside to test if the boats made in home learning would float or sink. We also tested if they would move along the water. They were a great success and some fabulous learning took place and excellent discussions. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H MathsMash

This year we are using all our maths and reasoning skills in different MathsMaths challenges. Y5/6H loved their first attempt! We look forward to developing our problem solving and reasoning. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6 H sports

This week 5/6H have been using their hand eye coordination skills to play hockey. We are looking forward to developing our teamwork skills over the next few weeks! #beactive Please follow and like us:

Ukuleles in Y3M

This afternoon Y3M had their first Ukulele lesson, all the children were beaming with pride when they received it. I’m sure our parents can’t wait to hear them practicing at home. They worked extremely hard this afternoon to learn how to play a simple tune. Thank you Mrs Thompson-Smith. Please follow and like us:

Class Challenge is underway!

Which class will win our class challenge this year and be the first to get their name on our new trophy? Today Y3M took on the challenge against Y3/4P to compete in a cross country competition ready for our first tournament. All the children worked really hard to build their stamina and show their fitness […]

Y1S Miss Stubbs Rocking the air guitar!

Y1S are having their first singing lesson with Mrs Thompson-Smith this afternoon, they have been playing the air guitar and enjoying hearing the piano, Miss Stubbs was really getting into the groove. Excellent learning everyone. Please follow and like us: