Training underway!

What an incredible afternoon we have had, thank you to all the staff for supporting today but a special thank you to Miss Tyzack for organising such a fabulous day, it was so lovely to watch the children develop new friendships, work as a team and support each other. Please follow and like us:

D-mob happy!

Y6B have started their Army training, here they are in action. This morning they have had to camouflage and hide, they have worked together as a team to build catapults to knock each others tower down. They are now having lunch in their dens. Excellent team work year 6, well done! IMG_8067 (1) Please follow […]

Eyam visit

4L had a wonderful day trip to Eyam on the 9th May. We got to see all the main sites including the Riley graves, the boundary stone and the infamous church plague window. We even had time to stop and have an ice cream despite the constant rain. After 22,000 steps for the day we […]

Preparations are underway!

Our Year 6 are in preparation for their army day tomorrow, we have a very exciting opportunity for our Year  6s working alongside the Territorial Army thanks to Miss Tyzack. The children will have to complete a series of challenges in order to be the winning team. They have a series of riddles in order […]

Pen and Ink Skills in Y4/5D

The children have shown lots of resilience developing their pen and ink skills with Mrs Taylor. They looked at different techniques to create tone. Then they used these techniques to draw a landscape linking to our space topic. Please follow and like us:

Eyam Y4H

Today our Year 4 children are exploring the Plague village of Eyam, they have visited the plague houses, Church and Museum. They have also been to visit the Riley Graves which sit high up on the hillside. The children are having a wonderful day and here are some pictures shared by Miss Darby.   Please […]

GPS Challenge Underway

6B have a GPS challenge and it requires all children to solve. As you can see everyone is fully on board. Good luck 6B we know you can do this. Please follow and like us:

Is it important to share your emotions?

Y6B have explored the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day ‘ through P4C, the children generated the question ‘Is it important to share your emotions?’ The children were fabulous and shared their reasons why as you can see below. Do you think it is important to share your emotions? Please follow and like us:

Art with Mrs Taylor

This term 6B are working with Mrs Taylor to develop their artistic skills through a range of media, here they are looking at tone. Please follow and like us:

Great Fire of London – Drama workshop

IMG_9262 Today we took part in a Great Fire of London drama workshop. We worked together to produce 10 second freeze frames from the events that happened. We thought about how to show emotion and created a piece of drama in chronological order and learnt a song. We could recall lots of facts that we had already […]

Year 4 Curriculum Letter

Here is the Year 4 Curriculum this term, we hope you enjoy supporting your child with this wonderful topic and all the creative home learning opportunities they will receive. Curriculum Letter Summer 2019 (1) Please follow and like us:

Space home learning in 5/6H

Beautiful home learning from the children in 5/6H thank you so much to all the adults who have supported the children in their creations. I’m sure you can agree that they have worked hard over the Easter holiday’s creating their masterpieces. Well done Everyone! Please follow and like us:

Tapestry time with Mrs Slack

Mrs  Slack has been working across school teaching the children a range of textile skills, this term she has been working with Key Stage 1 children to create this beautiful tapestry. We can’t wait to this displayed in school. Please follow and like us:

KS1 Curriculum letter

This term our children in KS1 are learning about our Capital City, the children are really excited about the opportunities to learn about something new. They will also be visiting Sheffield and looking at the similarities and differences between the two. We hope you enjoy supporting your child with their topic, please view the curriculum […]

Wellbeing Week

This week we have been learning about our wellbeing and what this means. We have spent time talking quietly to our friend, while listening to relaxing music, learnt how to give hand massages and even spent a bit of time just sitting, with our own thoughts listening to music. We are making a fantastic job of […]

Knitting with Mrs Slack

Our Year 6 children during our Mindful week are learning how to Knit with Mrs Slack. They have had a wonderful afternoon learning a new skill. Please follow and like us: