Dance like no one is watching!

Here is the video from our Year 6 leavers assembly, we are so proud of them and really hope they all have had a successful first week at Wingfield.     Please follow and like us:

P4C in Y4/5D

The children used their P4C to generate questions about the book ‘Almost Anything’. They thought about George and Bear’s friendship and how they helped one another. Please follow and like us:

P4C- Almost Anything

This afternoon we looked at a story called ‘Almost Anything’. The children discussed the character George who was low on confidence to try new things. The class discussed the story wonderfully and came up with these brilliant questions. Please follow and like us:

Foundation One Sports Day

  Thank you to everyone who participated in and came to watch our sports day. The children had a fantastic time trying out lots of activities with the help of pupils from Year 5 and 6. Please follow and like us:

Pizza for Pirates !

Foundation One children have enjoyed reading ‘Pizza for Pirates’ by Adam Guillain and Charlotte Guillain. We made our own pizzas, choosing our own toppings. Delicious!! Please follow and like us:

Four little ducks went swimming one day !

Foundation One children have been so excited to welcome four new additions to the class. Four ducklings named Kevin (after our fantastic caretaker) Treasure, Sparkle and George have hatched in our incubator and delighted the children and parents.     Please follow and like us:

On to their next Adventure!

What an incredible day we have had with our Year 6s, we will miss you so much as you enter into the next stage of your education! Remember you will always be part of the Rockingham family and our doors will always be open if you ever need us. Good luck and enjoy the next […]

Blast off!

To finish off our topic, Y4/5D and Y5/6H went outside to launch our bottle rockets. We recorded and compared the timings of each rocket. Then we spoke about the science behind the rockets movement, such as the force of gravity, air resistance and pressure. Please follow and like us:

Year 6 awards assembly

What a lovely morning celebrating our fabulous year 6 children and all their achievements. Lots of different awards were given out including for attendance, friendship, reading and our boys and girls of the year. Congratulations to all of our year 6 children! Please follow and like us:

Big String

Our Year 3 children have performed beautifully at the big string with their Ukulele we were all extremely proud of their enthusiasm and attitude to learning a new instrument. Congratulations. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Forces

The children in 5/6H looked at the forces gravity and air resistance. We investigated if the size of a parachute would slow a rocket capsule down or not. We discovered the larger the parachute, the longer it took an object to hit the ground. 11DC76E1-9238-47EE-8CFB-6AD57015443B Please follow and like us:

Outstanding Art learning with Mrs Taylor

Here is some of our children from 4/5D with their beautiful artwork linked to their learning on Space. Thank you so much Mrs Taylor for your commitment to the children and the development of our teaching staff.       Please follow and like us:

Outdoor measuring

Today we took our learning outside and drew lines to measure with a ruler. We discussed the unit of measure that we use to measure length and used centimetres to measure the length of different lines. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Oscars Entry

Here is our Y5/6 Oscars entry this year. All of our children have worked extremely hard on their videos and all entries have been incredible.   Please follow and like us:

Rockingham’s very own Ice Ice …

Our Year 6 children were incredible at the Year 6 prom singing their very own version of Ice, Ice Baby. We are all so proud of them and are looking forward to the leavers assembly on Wednesday. Please follow and like us:

Family Learning in Foundation 2

A huge thank you to our amazing parents who came in to work with their children during our minibeast family learning events. Mr Purshouse is already putting a plan together ready for some more exciting opportunities next year. Thank you to Trish Sharp and the team from the CLC for all your support this year […]


What a wonderful sports day, the sun was shining and the children were all raring to go in their house colours. From early years to year 6 the children competed in a variety of sporting challenges demonstrating  resilience, stamina, respect and most of all teamwork. Parents from foundation 2 even joined in the fun with a parents race. The morning ended with our sports awards to […]

Year 6 leavers prom

What a fantastic evening we had at our year 6 leavers prom. The children really enjoyed dancing the night away, meeting future friends and we even had a surprise performance by Mrs Greenwood who inspired us with her rapping! We have loved having them here at Rockingham and would like to wish them the very best of luck at […]