After school Dance Club

A huge thank you to Miss Galley and Mrs McDermott for working so hard with the children during dance club to put on a performance with the children ready for parents. I really enjoyed being part of it, thank you. Please follow and like us:

Cooking Club

Our cooking club have produced some wonderful creations over this last two weeks, I think all the staff would like to attend in September, Thank you Mrs Baum, Miss Baum and Mrs Dowell. Please follow and like us:

Cooking Club

Here is our final cooking club, Mrs Baum and Mrs Dowell have done an incredible job teaching the children a range of recipes. Here they are enjoying their sausage rolls. Please follow and like us:

Enterprise Club

Our Enterprise club have done an incredible job of raising money on the 5th of March for Pancake day, making pancakes from 9:30am until 3:15 they were covered in flour and mixture and had the most wonderful day. Some of the children were able to flip them in the air. I have really enjoyed working […]

Valentine’s Day/Enterprise Club

What a wonderful Valentine’s day we have had at Rockingham. The enterprise team managed to deliver all the cookies before 9 am, we had lots of happy children and parents this evening. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for helping and supporting the children over the last four weeks. We have managed to raise […]

KS1 Baking Club

Baking cookies. Working with a partner, following instructions and measuring out ingredients. They tasted delicious well done everyone! Please follow and like us:

Cooking Club

Miss Baum and Mrs Dowell really enjoyed their first after school club with their new members. This week they made pizza’s, I think the staff enjoyed it more than the children. Well done everyone. Please follow and like us:

Enterprise Club

What a wonderful start to our Enterprise club, the children were so excited about their first challenge of setting up their own business. Our first event will be Valentines Day, we will keep you updated on our progress. Posters will be up soon. Lets share the love! Please follow and like us:

Times table Rockstars

We had a wonderful time at our first after school club last night, the children were excellent during times table rockstars and have excellent knowledge of their tables. I was really impressed with our Key Stage 1 children using counters to help them with their division facts. Please follow and like us:

Our first KS1 Art Club of the term!

  Excellent outcomes from our Year 1 and Year 2 children today in Art Club. We even had songs from ‘One Direction’ on in the background to remind us to keep our movements going in one direction! I can’t wait to display these in school for all to see. Well done!   Please follow and […]

Cooking Club

Cooking club has been a huge success this term, we hope you are all enjoying it and have tasted new foods. Thank you to our amazing staff for providing such wonderful opportunities for our children.   Please follow and like us:

KS1 Art Club

Have a look at some of the fantastic outcomes the KS1 Art Club have produced this term. We have collaged with leaves to make animal pictures, used watercolours to produce leaf pictures, used crayon and ink to produce fruit artwork and produced autumn tree pictures using our hands, fingerprints and paint! Please follow and like […]

Art Club

During this weeks art club, we have used pastels to create stunning images of fruit to be displayed on our new dining room display boards. Children have been looking carefully at where the lighter parts and darker parts are and adding tone. This has made our fruit look and feel three dimensional. Please follow and […]

Young Voices

On Tuesday 16th January, Glee club Performed at the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. The children were a delight and a pleasure to listen to. They sang their hearts out and were a credit to the school and teachers involved. Please follow and like us: