BASC – Get involved and be creative!

Getting creating, in BASC the children work extremely well together as a team and develop opportunities to learn through play. Mrs Dowell and the team hold weekly meetings to make decisions on what learning will take place. We hope more children get involved in our breakfast and after school provision, we would love to see […]

Facetime with Eskdale School in Whitby – NEMESIS

Today we partnered up with Eskdale School in Whitby to talk about our NEMESIS projects and how we run our enterprise projects in school. The children at Eskdale interviewed our children and shared some the experiences and knowledge they have about developing a business or strategy to support the school, environment and local community. We […]

Pancake Day

Today our Enterprise team have done an incredible job of making all the children pancakes in school. They have been making the mixture, cooking and flipping them in the air so I am sure that when they get home tonight they will be able to make pancakes for all the family.

Animation Club

Animation Club continued this week with after school. Children were using software I Can Animate and were starting to create a stop motion animation. Skills are developing and the creativity and ideas of the children were fantastic as they produced a short animation clip.

Gardening Club!

Today our keen gardeners were getting their hands dirty creating bird feeders. They were using lard and bird seed to create fat balls. We can’t wait to get them outside and identify the different types of birds that visit our pond area. Karson has completed some incredible home learning which has inspired the whole group.