Ella Supports 4Ocean

Ella shared with us today how her parents have supported the 4Ocean project by buying bracelets made from plastic recovered from the sea. This has raised awareness in 6B of a potential charity that we can support in our NEMESIS project about reducing plastic in the ocean.  


The children have really enjoyed doing fractions in maths this week. They have worked super hard.

Phonics in F1

Our Foundation 1 children have been busy learning their initial letter sounds and enjoying feeding Metal Mike, they completed some wonderful learning and were able to identify all the sounds.

Numeracy with Mrs Greenwood

This week in Numeracy we have been learning all about Prime Numbers, Square Numbers and using addition in its many forms, the children have had a fabulous week and worked extremely hard to achieve their targets. Miss Tyzack has also taught the children a sneaky trick on how to calculate their prime numbers. Good luck […]

Stars of the week.

It has been a fantastic week this week celebrating the children’s successes. We have had lots of children visiting to share their learning and are proud of their attitude to learning. Well done everyone we are so proud of you all.

Young Voices 2020

This Years Young Voices was another huge success, what an incredible atmosphere and experience you will never forget. We are starting a school choir this year in order to encourage children to join in and be part of something special. This term children can join a karaoke club at lunchtime to develop a love of […]

Atlas skills in 1/2WB

The children loved using the atlas and maps to locate, name and label countries in the UK. The children then found the capital cities and added the names and drew pictures of the castles that are located there. The children were extremely proud of the piece of learning!


Mrs Buttree’s maths group are sharpening their arithmetic skills using a game of darts. It’s getting very competitive in here.  

Emoji Joe with MrsFJ

Today we have had the amazing opportunity of working with Ann Foxley Johnson again, teaching all our children about emotions and how emotions can make other people feel. The children have been given an emotion to try and recreate, what would that feel like? Have they ever felt that way? How could they support each […]

Mrs Greenwood’s Hot Chocolate and a book crew

Yesterday, Mrs Greenwood enjoyed reading a story with last terms Reading Champion winners. They enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate and biscuit together. Mrs Greenwood will continue to do this every Monday with children who have read the most frequently the previous week, as a reward.  

Transformation in the Hall

The Elves have been out and transformed our Hall into our outstanding learning outcomes from Grimm and Co. All the classes right from REY to Year 6 had the most wonderful time working alongside some incredible people from @GrimmAndCo Thank you so much for your support in developing our children as writers and inspiring them […]

Reading Champions – Hilary Ford Award

Here are our Reading champion winners for this term, congratulations everyone we are so proud of you all. Please keep reading and we hope you enjoy spending your book token. Please enjoy more stories over the Christmas holiday and we can’t wait to continue enjoy spreading the love of reading.