Year 5 Space Dome!

Today our Year 5s from Rockingham, Greasbrough and Roughwood have the Space dome in school to learn about the universe. The children have had the experience of seeing constellations, planets and the solar system as part of their Science learning. All children have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have taken new knowledge to apply to […]

NEMESIS – Social Change

Today we were able to see the fabulous designs that have been created by Ben Liddle who is our Social Innovation Practitioner on our NEMESIS project. We are so excited to actually move this project forward, the house will support children and families with Social Emotional Mental Health need as well as Special Education needs. […]

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in 6B

During Diversity week 6B children have been challenging gender stereotypes through art. The children have generated a series of pictures thinking about what someone would look like in a particular profession, doctor, nurse or firefighter. What do you think? Please follow and like us:

NEMESIS CO-Creation Lab 5

Today we held our 5th Co-creation lab with our community partners, thank you so much to – Our local Councillors, Wingfield Academy Early Help RMBC Our PCSOs NEMESIS Partners We are working towards a shared vision and goal in achieving a new SEMH provision for our children and parents with the project 525. Here we […]

75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

Today along with many others worldwide. D-day vividly illustrates the thanks we owe to friends, allies and Commonwealth nations who fought alongside Britain in defending its freedoms, values and way of life. We will always remember. Please follow and like us:

Our very own Football Stars!

Maisie, Noah and Bronte came to school with their trophies to share with all the staff and their peers, we are really proud of their achievements at Rockingham and wanted to share them with you all.   Please follow and like us:

Ann Foxley Johnson – Diversity

This week is Diversity week at Rockingham, we have been incredibly lucky to have Ann Foxley Johnson in school teaching the children about what it is like to be different and exploring stereotypes. The children and staff came dressed in clothing to show their personality or to represent a hobby/interest or tell others who they […]


We took our learning outside to do some planting. We looked at what plants need to grow and used our investigation skills to plan an investigation. We chose to put our plants outside, in the cupboard, on the window sill and under a tree to see which one would grow the quickest. Which one do […]


Mrs Taylor leading our art sessions this week. Using pen and ink to create pictures of Victorian buildings. Please follow and like us:

Training underway!

What an incredible afternoon we have had, thank you to all the staff for supporting today but a special thank you to Miss Tyzack for organising such a fabulous day, it was so lovely to watch the children develop new friendships, work as a team and support each other. Please follow and like us:

D-mob happy!

Y6B have started their Army training, here they are in action. This morning they have had to camouflage and hide, they have worked together as a team to build catapults to knock each others tower down. They are now having lunch in their dens. Excellent team work year 6, well done! IMG_8067 (1) Please follow […]

Eyam visit

4L had a wonderful day trip to Eyam on the 9th May. We got to see all the main sites including the Riley graves, the boundary stone and the infamous church plague window. We even had time to stop and have an ice cream despite the constant rain. After 22,000 steps for the day we […]

Preparations are underway!

Our Year 6 are in preparation for their army day tomorrow, we have a very exciting opportunity for our Year  6s working alongside the Territorial Army thanks to Miss Tyzack. The children will have to complete a series of challenges in order to be the winning team. They have a series of riddles in order […]

Pen and Ink Skills in Y4/5D

The children have shown lots of resilience developing their pen and ink skills with Mrs Taylor. They looked at different techniques to create tone. Then they used these techniques to draw a landscape linking to our space topic. Please follow and like us:

Newsletter 10th of May

Here is our fortnightly newsletter, we hope you enjoy looking at all the wonderful opportunities they have had already during the summer term, Newsletter 10th May 2019   Please follow and like us:

Immersive Reading Environments

Today Mr Hanson and I went to explore the Immersive reading environments and read the class novels the children are exploring. Thank you to all the staff who are really developing a love of reading with their children. We couldn’t wait to get inside and share the story with the children. Well done everyone we […]

Eyam Y4H

Today our Year 4 children are exploring the Plague village of Eyam, they have visited the plague houses, Church and Museum. They have also been to visit the Riley Graves which sit high up on the hillside. The children are having a wonderful day and here are some pictures shared by Miss Darby.   Please […]

GPS Challenge Underway

6B have a GPS challenge and it requires all children to solve. As you can see everyone is fully on board. Good luck 6B we know you can do this. Please follow and like us:

Is it important to share your emotions?

Y6B have explored the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day ‘ through P4C, the children generated the question ‘Is it important to share your emotions?’ The children were fabulous and shared their reasons why as you can see below. Do you think it is important to share your emotions? Please follow and like us:

Art with Mrs Taylor

This term 6B are working with Mrs Taylor to develop their artistic skills through a range of media, here they are looking at tone. Please follow and like us: