Well done Girls!

Our Girls went to Cranworth Road to take part in the Rotherham Football tournament supported by Noah who coached the girls throughout the game. The girls finished in 3rd place, we are all so proud of everyone. Well done! Please follow and like us:

A Super Day in FS2

Children in Foundation Two enjoyed transforming themselves into superheroes. They got creative and decorated their own capes and masks. Some children enjoyed applying face paints and created their own Superhero logo. By the end of the day all children had devised their own Superhero name and ‘special power’ . Please follow and like us:

Aren’t we creative!

We finally have our photographs back from our photo shoot which were taken for our school banner. We hope you can see the creative opportunities we provide for your children. They are beautiful. Please follow and like us:

Sumdog results – 6B

Well done everyone we eventually came 2nd in the Sumdog competition. 25 out of 27 children contributed to our efforts so I am really proud of everyone. Massive well done to Noah who is 1st place in Rotherham, Bronte 3rd place, Lacey 4th place and Bjorn 9th place. Superb effort. We also have another 12 […]

Newsletter 11th October

Here is this weeks Newsletter we have had a wonderful couple of weeks with lots of exciting opportunities we really hope you have enjoyed it too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families and don’t forget to check out our new page Stories with Rockingham! Newsletter 11/09/19 Please follow and like us:

Talk4Write – Narrative

Y3/4P have been brilliant over the last 3 weeks and have tried really hard on their narrative. These children have produce a wonderful piece of writing and deserve a special mention for their hard work and resilience. Please follow and like us:

Getting Creative in Y3/4P

In Mr Pursehouse’s class this term the children are learning all about recycling and they have been collecting plastic bottles to make sculptures. They have also been using a range of materials to make a collage. Well done everyone. Please follow and like us:

Wearing Yellow for World Mental Health day 2019

Here are our children supporting https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/world-mental-health-day We all have Mental Health and we can have good or bad Mental Health depending on our circumstances and situations. We are working together to teach our children the skills they need to flourish in this ever changing world. Please follow and like us:

World Mental Health Day with parents.

This evening we have had a wonderful workshop with parents exploring what we mean by mental health, thank you so much to our parents for being positive and supportive. We work in partnership to ensure we support all of our families. Please follow and like us:

P4c in 6B

We have read the book Words and your Heart this week in our P4c sessions and decided to explore the question what makes us, us? Children used a diamond nine to explore this. Really interesting discussion arose around good and poor mental health. We had some extremely mature questions and answers around this area. Please […]

Music with Miss Thompson-Smith

We have loved our music session with Miss Thompson-Smith and even more so this week because we used instruments for the first time! We learnt all about music notes and playing our instruments along to the beat, it was so much fun! Please follow and like us:

Words and your Heart

During P4C this week we read the text ‘Words and your Heart’ and used it to compose a class question. We discussed how words can make us feel and how we can use our words in a positive way. Here are some of our thoughts from our question.  Please follow and like us:

Creative Conkers!

This week in Art club we completed our ‘Rainy pictures from last week and then we used our skills to create art using conkers! We created faces, Horse Chestnut trees, spiders and a symmetrical pattern. Please follow and like us:

Maths with conkers!

This week the children have been learning about weight. Some children found out what a 100g of conkers looked and felt like and some children balanced the weight of an object using conkers and then carefully counting how many conkers it took. The children worked in small teams and were really enthusiastic about their learning.  […]

Y5/6H Gannets

This afternoon we have studied the seabird a gannet and used our art skills to recreate an image of their heads. We discussed colour, tones and shadows to come up with a fabulous final result. Please follow and like us:

RJI Winners, U11s Football

We are really proud of our Under 11s football team today they played incredibly well. They worked extremely hard as a team and played each game like true sportsmen. We also received our School Games Gold award today and the children were thrilled. Please follow and like us:

Numeracy – Multiplication

Today in Numeracy, the children did some multiplication learning in a carousel structure. Children completed some timestable rockstars, rehearse multiplcations, worded problems, column method and multiplication top trumps. Please follow and like us: