Chinese New Year FS2

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year celebrations. The children took part in a workshop in which they decorated plates and learnt a dragon dance. We have made buns linked with the year of the pig,  tasteed a range of Chinese food and painted our initials in mandarin.   Please follow and […]

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Over the last two weeks our book of the week has been ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. Children have really enjoyed the story- we even went on our very own Bear Hunt and saw a bear hiding in the cave! Linking to the story the children have been making bear toast- showing lots of […]

Sports hall athletics

Miss Tyzack took our children across to Wingfield to take part in the sports hall athletics final. After months of training we were so proud to announce that the children won and will be going to the Rotherham finals. Children as young as year 4 performed so well and showed excellent resilience and team work […]

Chinese New Year

This week we were very fortunate to have a Chinese Workshop, the children learnt about Chinese culture and celebrations and worked with professional dancers who brought a Chinese dragon, parasols and fans for the whole class to create an exciting dance performance. They also took part in a Chinese New Year plate painting workshop in […]

Children’s Anti Bullying Policy

During Safer internet week the children across school who are Anti Bullying Ambassadors and the School Council have worked together for the first time and collaborated on a policy for children written by children. They have created some fabulous ideas on what is bullying and how we can support other children and who to go […]

Valentine’s Day/Enterprise Club

What a wonderful Valentine’s day we have had at Rockingham. The enterprise team managed to deliver all the cookies before 9 am, we had lots of happy children and parents this evening. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for helping and supporting the children over the last four weeks. We have managed to raise […]

Los Albares- Nemesis

During our NEMESIS meeting in Zaragoza we received some letters from the children at Los Albares school. Today the children have written their replies. We are hoping the children can continue to communicate through Skype and letters about the NEMESIS project and the work that we are doing. We really hope the children enjoy reading […]

5/6H Lego percentages

In Maths this week, we have been starting to look at perecentages. As we have been doing some learning about the Lego movie, we tried to represent percentages practically using the bricks. This helped us to think of percentages in different ways and to help us link them to decimals and fractions in the future. […]

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 5th February, we had our safer internet day. 5/6H had a very good discussion in a circle time about our actions online and how we should be safe. We then focused on the words responsibility and being respectful online. The children carried out some fabulous learning about staying safe online. Please follow and […]

Y3/4P Numeracy/ICT/PE – Data handling

During our numeracy lesson today, Y3/4P recorded and presented our data which we collected during PE on Monday using Google sheets. The class worked in pairs to create their bar chart and designed questions to help read and interpret the data collected. Please follow and like us:

Y3/4P Science- Magnets

This afternoon, Y3/4P investigated and predicted which objects are magnetic or non-magnetic. We sorted them into groups and had lots of discussions using key vocabulary. Please follow and like us:

KS1 Baking Club

Baking cookies. Working with a partner, following instructions and measuring out ingredients. They tasted delicious well done everyone! Please follow and like us:

Kung Hei Fat Choy !

                  We have been learning all about Chinese New Year in Foundation One. We have counted coins into lucky money envelopes and made lanterns using ‘lucky’ colours red and gold.           We have enjoyed role play in our home corner and Chinese restaurant. […]

Outdoor Maths – Orienteering Subtraction

Outdoor maths today, mixing our PE and numeracy learning together; the children were looking for subtraction problems by following their maps and solving them as a team. Was nice to be outside the classroom and try something different in our numeracy lessons. Please follow and like us:

Tasting Breakfasts

To start our REAL project this term we looked at existing products and tasted different breakfasts. We had cereal, toast and yogurt and fruit. We had to score the breakfast out of 10 and most of the options got 10 out of 10! Please follow and like us:

Potion Making!

In 1S this week we have recieved a very special letter from Professor Puffendorf! She asked us to make a new potion for her. We followed the instructions and created the top secret potion. It was delicious!  Please follow and like us:

Literacy- ‘Teddy-gate’ news report

Last week, following our crime investigation we’ve produced a news report on the traumatic event in Y3/4P. The class were split into 5 groups and created a BBC news reports to inform the public of the story. Please follow and like us:

FS2 Art Club

In Art club this week the children made a pig linked with our learning on the story of The Three Little Pigs. They used skills of painting, collage, cutting and sticking. They did a brilliant job!     Please follow and like us:

The Three Little Pigs STEM activity

REY children worked together to build a house for the Three Little Pigs. Children really enjoyed this activity and they used language such as “tall”, “strong”, “big”. We used marshmallows, sticks and sellotape to build the house for the pigs. However, the house wasn’t strong enough and the big bad wolf blew it down! We […]

Radius and Diameter

Mrs Buttree’s maths booster group have been learning about the definition of a circle, and the various ways to measure a circle including the radius, diameter and circumference. We completed a practical activity in the playground. Children worked in groups to create their own chalk circles, each with a radius of 1 metre. We did […]

NEMESIS – Project 525

Yesterday we had a wonderful meeting with RMBC and our ward Councillors Rob and John to discuss the next stages of the project. RMBC and Housing came to look at the site to see whether they could support with the renovation work. The children will be starting their designs next week. Thank you to everyone […]

Cooking Club

Miss Baum and Mrs Dowell really enjoyed their first after school club with their new members. This week they made pizza’s, I think the staff enjoyed it more than the children. Well done everyone. Please follow and like us:

Enterprise Club

What a wonderful start to our Enterprise club, the children were so excited about their first challenge of setting up their own business. Our first event will be Valentines Day, we will keep you updated on our progress. Posters will be up soon. Lets share the love! Please follow and like us:

The Three Little Pigs

  REY children are really enjoying this weeks Book of the week- ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Children have shown a real interest in the story book – repeating words and phrases and also filling in the missing words e.g. “Ill huff and i’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We have also linked the […]

Times table Rockstars

We had a wonderful time at our first after school club last night, the children were excellent during times table rockstars and have excellent knowledge of their tables. I was really impressed with our Key Stage 1 children using counters to help them with their division facts. Please follow and like us: