Super PE lesson with Mr Dunn today. Well done to the winning team. Please follow and like us:

Year 5 v Year 1 in Numeracy.

Year 5s are out and about exploring the environment with our Year 1S. We love maths at Rockingham let’s see which year group come out on top. Team work in Numeracy is a wonderful skill especially when children can explain how they calculated the answer. Please follow and like us:

Some superb efforts this week for our active challenges. Thank you to everyone who has already got involved we have loved sharing your photos. Please follow and like us:

Y3/4P Literacy – Clive King research

Today in literacy we have started our research on Clive King, the author of Stig of the Dump. Children worked really well in groups and found some interesting information for their Non-Chronological report. Please follow and like us:

Outdoor Superhero Adventure in FS2

Children in Foundation Two have enjoyed an exciting outdoor learning activity with Pop’s outdoor this week. We have created and completed a superhero obstacle course and created superhero logo pictures using spray paint and natural materials. Please follow and like us:

Well done Girls!

Our Girls went to Cranworth Road to take part in the Rotherham Football tournament supported by Noah who coached the girls throughout the game. The girls finished in 3rd place, we are all so proud of everyone. Well done! Please follow and like us:

A Super Day in FS2

Children in Foundation Two enjoyed transforming themselves into superheroes. They got creative and decorated their own capes and masks. Some children enjoyed applying face paints and created their own Superhero logo. By the end of the day all children had devised their own Superhero name and ‘special power’ . Please follow and like us:

Aren’t we creative!

We finally have our photographs back from our photo shoot which were taken for our school banner. We hope you can see the creative opportunities we provide for your children. They are beautiful. Please follow and like us: