Pancake Day

Today our Enterprise team have done an incredible job of making all the children pancakes in school. They have been making the mixture, cooking and flipping them in the air so I am sure that when they get home tonight they will be able to make pancakes for all the family.

How does Light Travel 6B?

Our Children in Year 6 were discovering how light travels and were given various materials in order to make a periscope, The focus for today’s learning was to – recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines  use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they […]

Evacuee History 5/6H

To discover about the process of evacuation in World War 2, the children analysed different posters and leaflets to find out lots of information about how children and others were evacuated from cities to the countryside.

Art in 5/6H

Using our skills of line sketching, the children produced some excellent line sketches of soldiers. Everyone used very intricate details to produce them.

Animation in Y4/5D

The children have been working really hard on their animations, using the technique of stop motion. They have used the software I can animate to make their own short films.

Basketball Stars!

Our Year 5 children were superb on the basketball court on Monday evening and worked extremely hard playing against some very experienced teams  who also had the height. We finished in 3rd place and are so proud of our up and coming stars. Thank you to Annie’s mum for this beautiful picture.

Rotherham’s Greatest!

Congratulations to our Sports Hall Athletics team achieving first place in the Rotherham finals. We are so proud of each and everyone of you. South Yorkshire finals here we come. Thank you so much Miss Tyzack and Mr Purshouse for your commitment to our sports team.

Mr Parkin’s class parking up at the library

The sun came out today as it was library day. Storm Ciara calmed down and gave Y5P enough time to have a great morning at the library. The children really enjoyed their time there, reading a selection of books and involved in quiet activities befitting of the venue.  Well done Y5P.  

F1 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

F1 have been looking at ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ this week for children’s mental health week. We have been looking at foods and exercise that can keep our bodies healthy and meditation to keep our minds healthy. The F1 children have shown Bravery in trying new fruits, in the form of smoothies and fruit kebabs at our […]

Feeling Brave in Foundation Two

Children in Foundation Two have been talking about times when they have had to be brave. The children could think of many different situations where they felt nervous but were able to ‘find their brave’. We talked about starting a new school, trying out something new or visiting the doctor or the dentist. We also […]

F1 Dojo Winners

Our class DoJo champions this week are Olly  and Thea, Buster Bear has selected to go home with Alice  for her super bravery and resilience, this week. Well done Everyone!