Special Mentions Assembly

It was so lovely having our children and parents share in our special mentions assembly today. Thank you to all our teachers who are working so hard and sharing the beautiful learning our children are creating at home. Congratulations to all our winners today and good luck everyone for next week.

Drawing into Talking with Miss Tyzack.

This weeks session the children were set the challenge to draw faces, looking at where different features would go. The children drew what they thought a face looked like and the discovery was incredible. The children learnt lots of new schools and worked together. Here is some pictures from last week to show some of […]

Dough Disco – F1

I loved being involved in the Dough Disco live lesson with our Foundation 1 children. We used lots of ways to shake our hands and get them ready before using the Dough. We really hope you loved what the children made. Thank you Mrs McDermott.

2WB finding the beat 🎵

Today we practiced moving to music at different speeds. We used different actions for the different types of notes. We continue to learn the names of the notes and use them to tap out a beat. Our new skills allow us to read and tap along to musical notation. We used tambourines, pens and our […]


Today year 6 carried out fitness sessions with Mr Hanson both at home and school. The children did a brilliant job of keeping up and working on their fitness. We know how important it is to keep fit at the current time and will continue to build upon this in future sessions.

Year 6 Practical Ratio

To start off learning about ratios, children at home and school were set some away from desk maths learning to form simple ratios. There were some good ideas both at home and school. There were even examples of ratio with people.

Describing Grandma

In 2WB we started reading the text ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and have been introduced to the character of Grandma. The children had very strong opinions about the character have enjoyed acting in role as Grandma, asking and answering questions about Grandma and collecting adjectives to describe her. We then explored using expanded noun phrases and […]

Year in Life our Journey

Since March 2020 we have been finding new ways to capture our learning, especially during this difficult time we find ourselves in. Together we continue to learn, grow and support our Mental Health and Wellbeing. We wanted to celebrate our children’s learning through the lockdown periods we have experienced together. We are so proud of […]

KS1 perform ‘Ball Skills, the Musical’ ⚽️🏀

We used a video that has been going viral as inspiration for our Ball Skills lesson in PE today. We used one handed and two handed bounces to keep close control of ball movement. Using the music to keep time, we rolled the ball around our bodies and practiced throwing and catching skills towards the […]


The F2 children have been reading the story Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. They have been very creative and made their own ‘Stuck’ trees.

Live lesson using Musical notation in 2WB

Today @RotherhamMusic delivered our Winter-themed music lesson online. After warming up, we learned about our diaphragm and how to use our posture for singing. We tapped to the beats in a song, then moved to the beats. We can use musical notation to represent the different movements we did e.g. walk, stride, jogging and slow. […]

2WB get active for PE ☃️🏃‍♂️

Today’s PE lesson was focused around ball skills, but the weather had other ideas. Children watched a video, focused on practicing skills with a tennis ball. Some children did today’s Joe Wicks workout. Many children explored our ‘Winter Wonderland’ for their exercise and had lots of fun with their families! Here is a video showing […]