Measures in FS2

This week in FS2 we have been exploring measures. We have investigated size, length and height through a range of activities.  

Y3/4P Literacy Drama

This we week we have focused on our story telling and started to act out our drama role play. The children loved the centre stage.

Screen sharing during Assembly

During Special Mentions assembly today Mr Parkin shared his animation linked to science so that we could all watch the learning they had created. What a wonderful way to share learning with each other. We loved seeing our KS1 Dressed up today exploring different cultures and traditions from around the world. Congratulations to all our […]

Making a Difference in the Community @nemesis_edu

Our Early Years Children have broaden their search for support and now have the support of Reverend Lyn Wortley from St Mary’s Church, Voluntary Action Rotherham and Wingfield Ward Neighborhood Update. We have collected so many Coats for Winter and Food already. Thank you for your support and keep the donations coming we really appreciate […]

6H Science

This week we have been looking at the parts of the eye and their functions. Good questions were asked including: Why is the pupil black?; Why are eyes round?; and Why does the lens change shape?

Y3/4P Scientific Research

Y3/4P researched what Vertebrate and Invertebrate means and what animals would be classified as Vertebrate or Invertebrate. Next lesson, we are going to look at other classifications and how we can group living things.

Wetsuits and Wellies!

This morning in REY we went on a wet and muddy walk, the children all had their wetsuits and wellies on and loved looking for muddy puddles! We enjoyed walking through the wet and crunchy leaves and looking at the different colours of the leaves!

History in 1S

Today we had a fantastic discussion in our history lesson. First we looked at the artefacts and discussed what they might mean and how they could link. We thought it meant travelling around the world in an aeroplane. Then we looked further at the Amelia Earhart book and learnt that she was the first woman […]

6H Artwork

Here are some of our completed barbed wire artwork images. Everyone has produced an excellent final sketch and have worked hard on their shading skills. There is some great detail in some of the hands and finger images.