Executive Head:

Mrs J K Fearnley

Head of School:

Mrs L Greenwood

Deputy Head:

Mr M Hanson

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs E Buttree Y6B, Mrs H Waller Y1/2WF, Mrs A Millward  FSM, Mrs S McDermott REY

The Behaviour for Learning Leader:

Mrs J Tunks

Learning Mentor – Mrs J Elliott

Administrative Staff

Miss K Brennan, Mrs R Bucknall

Teaching Staff KS2:

Miss C Darby 4/5D, Miss Harrison Y4H, Mr A Purshouse Y3/4P, Mrs J Marlow Y3M,


Mrs P Baum, Mrs D Brogan, Mrs C Chantler, Miss L Dowell, Miss K Sayles, Miss L Tyzack, Miss A Jones and Miss O’Neil

Teaching Staff KS1

Miss C Stubbs Y1S, Mrs R Jaques Y2J

LSAs in KS1

Mrs A Rawson, Mrs L Thompson, Mrs J Slack, Mrs M Hadley

Foundation Stage Teaching Staff

Mrs L Burnett, Mrs A Millward

Foundation Stage LSAs

Mrs J Wilkinson, Mrs J Bates, Miss H Corker, Mrs T Green, Mrs T Evans


Sam McDermott – Deputy day care  Manager/ Acting Foundation Leader/SLT

Amy Oldham – lead Early Years Practitioner

Natalie Biddle – Early years practitioner

Kelly Hallam – Early Years practitioner/Admin Assistant

Sophie Smith – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs J Parry

Kitchen Assistants:
Mrs E Cooke, Mrs D Stevens

School Meals Supervisory Assistants (SMSAs):

Mrs C Burns, Mrs G Knapton, Mrs J Busby, Mrs S Haywood, Mrs C Green, Mrs P Wiseman, Mrs M Smith, Mrs C Shadwick, Mrs H Webster, Mrs T Haywood, Miss Horvath


Declaration of Interests/ LA Associated Person Status
All staff at Rockingham Junior & Infant School have completed the Register of Pecuniary Interests. No members of staff have
declared any interest. Further details can be found in the register, which is available to view during office hours at
Rockingham Junior & Infant School.