School Dinners

Lunch Arrangements
Our school meals are of a high nutritious standard and are designed to be enjoyed by all children. Children have a choice of three meals each day; a hot meat dish (Red), a hot vegetarian or fish dish (Yellow), or a chilled choice (Blue) with a choice of sandwich filling. Each is offered with a choice of dessert e.g. fruit, yogurt, a hot pudding etc. and a drink of water. If your child has special dietary requirements, please speak to your child’s class teacher or the office so we are able to meet their needs.
Alternatively, children are allowed to bring their own packed lunch to eat at school. They are also encouraged to bring a suitable drink to enjoy with their packed lunch e.g. fruit juice, water, low sugar squash etc. (no glass bottles please). Please provide your own cutlery for yogurts/salads etc. from home.
As part of our Healthy Schools Policy, children have access to fresh drinking water from water coolers. The children will be provided with their own water bottle.
The children are supervised during lunch by a team of Lunchtime Assistants who provide a caring, sociable and enjoyable lunchtime for all.

On the 13th of November 2017 we have an exciting opportunity to be part of the school meals week, I hope you will all encourage your children to try new foods. We are working hard to establish a clean, organised environment for your children to enjoy a happy lunchtime.

Please see the choices below –

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