Advice and Support for Parents during Covid-19

Here are the links to some useful resources:

Age Restrictions for Social Media

Some quick guidance from “Action for Children”. Please bear in mind, if you sign up for these sites, and don’t tell the truth about your age, that information may follow you on social media. For example, if you sign up for Facebook aged 8, stating you are 13, by the time you are actually 13, both Facebook and the outside world will believe you are 18. Would parents be happy with their 13 year old children receiving content and messages aimed at 18 year olds?

How to Protect Your Child on Their Smartphone

“There is a lot of peace of mind that comes from being able to contact your child wherever they are, and them being able to contact you. Missed buses are no longer a problem, and the days of yelling your child’s name up and down the street to try and find them are gone. Along with that peace of mind though, comes the niggling worry that every parent is used to having: is my child really safe?

From cyberbullying to inappropriate web content, being able to contact strangers, being able to rack up hefty cell phone bills, all these things come to mind when we start thinking about the dangers of impressionable kids using a mobile.”

The above quote is from an excellent website:

How to protect your children

and we urge you to take a look.  There is a lot of helpful information about keeping kids safe on popular apps:

Kik Messenger

There are also Parental Control/Monitoring Apps to consider (with instructions for different devices), which generally allow parents to:

Parents can also use apps to keep their kids safe and these include;
Mobile Guardian
Screen Time
Qustodio (free version available, but with limited features)
Net Nanny

TIKTOK Guidance

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